Flat furniture

research project. 

The installation ‘’Flatscreen’’ is a visual investigation into the relationship between a physical object and it’s digital counterpart. For it’s omnipresence in the digital and physical realm we chose the monobloc garden chair (it’s conception not being possible without the help of computer modeling software) as a perfect candidate to represent both worlds. By flattening the side, front and top view we create flat duplicates of the chair from which we construct a new 2D representation. On these flat views we print a render of the 3D digital representation to mimic the original spatiality of the chair. The capturing of 3D space on a 2D surface has always played a major role for mankind to be able to understand it’s surroundings (paintings/photographs).

Since the screen became a widely used medium to perceive the world we think it is interesting to reverse the tools of our ancestors by now capturing the 2D surface (screen) in 3D space in order to get a better understanding of our digital surroundings. We think that the ongoing development of technology is rapidly closing the gap between the digital and physical realm. That’s why we believe that it is important to start to imagine the impact of these two worlds merging.
By investigating if a flat medium can represent 3D shape outside of the realm of the computer screen we want to see if the application of digital constructs in the physical world can help us to come up with new ways of looking at shape.

Installation view; “Aggregat” exhibition in Cologne,Germany.